Market entry strategies to German speaking countries

My name is Thomas Hable. I offer you market entry strategies to German speaking countries in the area of food and beverages. With over 20 years of managerial experience in food sales and production and the hospitality industry in Austria, Germany and the United States, I have a thorough understanding of both American and European culture, mentality and needs.

My skills can help your business succeed while expanding to Europe. With my expertise you avoid expensive mistakes. And potential harm is everywhere:  legislation, consumer taste, language and translation problems, payment, logistics and finding the right people to work with are just some of the issues you will have to face when doing international business. Without an experienced local´s advice, you are in danger of destroying your business before it takes off.

My experience and knowledge will minimize your share of costly mistakes and will help your business thrive in a new market.

Let´s create your personal success story today!

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I am located in Austria, right in the heart of Europe. Austria, Germany and Switzerland count 100 million inhabitants and are all German speaking countries. Additionally, these three countries are the region with the highest purchasing power in the European Union. Countries like Liechtenstein or Iceland rank higher, but there are  not even half a million people – in both countries together!  And Liechtenstein ist German speaking, too…

So you have a huge market with the same language and a lot of wealth – a perfect place to launch your products or services!

First we have to check if your products meet the legal requirements. Sometimes this process is very easy and all you need to do is fill out a few papers. In other cases this process requires certifications and a lot of time, money and effort.

On other occasions, we might find out that the risks  are too high or the obstacles are too big for a market entry. Remember: Sometimes the best deal is the one you never did.

I will guide you through this whole process, representing your interest.

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